Every Day Counts

“We are dying a slow deaths here. In Syria we die one time but here we die every day. We are forgotten by everyone.”


The situation in Greece is Urgent. The lives of 49,000 refugees are put on hold as they struggle to exist in Industrial warehouses and industrial lands turned into dismal, isolated, dangerous and under-resourced ‘reception centres’. 48% of the population are children.

Minimum human needs such as security, basic sanitation, drinking water, food, hot water, electricity, and the means by which to cook or to clean are consistently inaccessible. The heat and lack of shade is insufferable and the struggle to survive is significant. The Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) have recommended these sites are closed.
Desperation is growing. We see people with complex medical issues deteriorating and even dying while waiting on impenetrable lists for appropriate accommodation, or access to due legal process. We see children who have never been to school, and adults facing the impact of being unable to provide for themselves or their families.

Many promises are being made, but it appears that any significant improvements will take far longer than the severity of these inhumane conditions demands.

We have to give people the resources to survive, and we have to do it NOW.

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