August 3, 2016

About FXI

“Filoxenia” is a proud Greek tradition of hospitality which means ‘the love for strangers’ and it refers to a generosity of spirit and a joyful kind of sharing. “Filoxenia” also implies that when a visitor leaves a Greek home, the visitor leaves with a sense of having had the highest honor in the home. “Filoxenia” is about  providing a warm, dignified welcome to all guests.

Filoxenia International (FXI) is a committed interdisciplinary team of experienced humanitarian and community development actors drawn together from several established Non-Governmental Organizations, (NGOs) and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs). FXI members have been working to support refugees in Greece and across Europe since 2015, and working collectively to create, manage and deliver different community services and businesses for decades. Building on our collective experience and knowledge and our shared commitment to “Filoxenia”, we have created a new structure, a Greek registered Nonprofit Association (AMKE), in order to respond to the evolving, long-term needs and challenges stemming from the crisis in Greece.


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