August 3, 2016

Current Situation

“People struggling in the camps keep clinging to the hope someone will help them, knowing no-one will. They have told their story over and over again. They have learned it by now – how to try and get help, and the disappointment that follows. Sometimes, people talk to them and hear their problems, but nothing ever happens; for them there is no end in sight. People feel as if they have become almost kids again, they are powerless to provide for themselves and their families and they feel dependent on others who are either unable or unwilling to provide help. They say hi to people in a ‘too friendly’ way, seeing each visitor as a possible opportunity to get the basics they need or to get the hell out of the camps. They feel they have to do it to get somewhere. Some people are so old they just need a place to rest, others so sick they may never make it out of the camps. It’s unbearable hardship and struggle.” (Mobile Information Team July 2016)

The refugee population currently stranded in mainland Greece faces several challenges which cause serious detrimental effects to their well-being, physical and mental health and future prospects. The vast majority of the refugee population in mainland Greece often finds basic needs unmet.


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