August 4, 2016


The health services offered in official settlements are rarely sufficient, and the situation has exacerbated problems for the already weakened and underfunded healthcare system in Greece. NGOs have been funded to provide healthcare through EU grants, however, on the ground these are yet to sufficiently materialise. Strain on the Greek healthcare system could lead to tensions surrounding health services and threaten the support of Greek citizens to the refugee community, which is already isolated. It is apparent that health-care issues are often overlooked in the camps, including at times emergency issues.

Mental health problems are increasing in the population and there is a significant lack of service in this area, as acknowledged by the Ministry of Health, NGOs and volunteers. Many people suffered from pre-existing or trauma-induced mental health problems when arriving in Greece, and currently these and new mental health problems are exacerbated by the prospectless and unsafe living conditions in camps and by a lack of access to legal information or due legal process.


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