August 3, 2016


We currently need funds to open, sustain and expand our project.

Despite increasing needs and increasingly difficult living conditions for refugees, the situation has become less visible in the media and there is a reduction in global interest and in donations.

Financial donations are critically needed now more than ever.

Financial donations, however large or small can make a significant difference. We urgently need start up funds to establish the project and welcome the first families.  #Every day counts.


1. Donate to our current fundraiser …

2. Donate directly to our bank account …

Greek Account

IBAN: GR22 0172 2290 0052 2908 3854 559


Euro Account

IBAN: CH60 0900 0000 9183 0912 4


CHF (Swiss Frank) Account

IBAN: CH29 0900 0000 6151 3336 9


Account Holder:

Filoxenia International
Josefstrasse 158
8005 Zurich

3. Donate Bitcoins


4. Other ways to donate

If you would like to discuss other ways to donate, please contact us directly at office at filoxenia-intl dot org or use our “get in touch” form.

We are committed to buying items and services locally so we can support the Greek community.


Flexible Donations are Wonderful and Vital Gifts

Some parts of the project re more attractive than others for some to fund. We desperately need flexible donations which can be used for day to day administration costs, and to respond to any gaps in funding or unexpected events and needs.

Ways to get involved

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