August 3, 2016

Volunteer (Donate your Time and Skills)

As a community we can together provide the resources and support people need to build strength and live safely with dignity.

In order to achieve our vision, we actively welcome the help of people and teams who share our values

What help is needed?

We will advertise as and when we need help on this website, and on our Facebook page,

Some individuals or groups may be able to offer a distinct or time limited project which brings something special to the community – we are open to your ideas!

Positive Recruitment and Safeguarding

We want to have a strong, happy, well supported and effective team working with shared values and as such we interview all potential volunteers, either face to face, or via Skype / Facetime

As we will work with vulnerable communities, recruitment and safeguarding procedures are in place, and everyone involved needs to positively participate in these processes, and sign up to the Filoxenia Community Agreement. We ask volunteers for references, and also reserve the right to request a criminal record check.

Everyone involved in the community will be encouraged to contribute ideas, reflections and feedback to ensure we achieve together to the best of our abilities.


Ways to get involved

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