August 3, 2016

Wishlist (Materials and Goods)

We need help to secure resources for the project start up and for day to day living, including food, hygiene and cleaning products, furnishings, learning and activity materials, building materials for community structures, and transport. 

In order to start up the project efficiently and effectively we have devised a very specific list of items which are urgently needed (see below). Currently this involve donations for furnishing the first ten apartments, and for covering rent, energy and essential supplies. It is a work in progress. 

It is possible to make a cash donation to buy specific items, or to provide the items as material donations. If items are to be purchased by a donor it is preferable that the items can be bought here in Greece to avoid transport costs and time, and to contribute to the local economy. (Please contact us to ask for costs)

If you plan to send material goods, or to fund a specific item, it is vital that you contact us in advance to confirm the donations to avoid duplication or waste and to give us a chance to say thank you and confirm delivery details.



If you have something else you would like to donate we certainly welcome ideas and inspiration! There are certainly other things we need, and if you have something not on our urgent priority list it may well still be welcome.

Please contact us with any donation offers, enquiries or questions at office at filoxenia-intl dot org

Item #of units Units Notes
kitchen equipment
fridge 10
Electric cooker 10 Standalone glasstop with oven
blender 10
water kettle 10
big cooking pot 10
set of cookware 10
big cutting knife 10
small cutting knife 20
chopping board 20
serving utensils 20
plates 100
soup bowls 100
cutlery set 10 sets for 8 people
glasses for cold drinks 100
tea mugs 100
tin opener 10
ashtray 10
furniture/apt. Equip.
table 10
chair 100
rugs and cushions for living area or sofas 15 sets
wash machine 10
double bed 10
bunk beds 20
single mattresses 100
bed for infants 20
bedding 100 sets
bucket 12
mop 12
toilet brush 12
fire extinguisher 15
extension cable 12
towel 80 sets
Food Warehousing Equipment
Fridge 1 a big shop fridge fo diary
Aircon veg. Storage 1 vegetable storage cooling
stock shelves 10
social centre
dinning table 8 pcs
chair 15 pcs
PC 3 pcs
data projector 1 pcs
Projector screen 1 pcs
School desks 10 pcs
airco for school 1 pcs
fire extinguisher 3 pcs
catering teapots 2 pcs
teacups 100 pcs
appliances must be EU compliant and A+ energy star rated

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