August 3, 2016

Supported Housing Project (SHP)

We aim to improve the quality-of-life and long term legal outcomes for some of the most vulnerable refugees in in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, by offering them alternative, safe, dignified, healthy, long-term (and cost effective) supported housing.
Our initial project will support people from larger families or groups of the refugee community within which exists at least one person that is particularly vulnerable, e.g. someone who has experienced crime or persecution, an elderly person with multiple disabilities, or a single parent managing a large family alone.

It will offer each family or friendship group a clean furnished private apartment where they can live with an increased degree of independence, in humane conditions, and with access to on and off site community and learning spaces, resources and support.

We are so excited to have just signed a contract on our first apartment building as every day really does count for the people waiting for an alternative. We need donations NOW to help us open and be in a position tell the first families that the wait is over and a home awaits.

We will continue to maintain and extend supported housing projects as long as provision is needed.

We will

  • Offer safety for vulnerable people and reduce the physical, social & emotional hazards they face.
  • Prevent the physical and emotional deterioration of some of the vulnerable people currently “living” in camps.
  • Improve overall health and health care for residents, including by facilitating access to healthcare provision and medication.
  • Increase access to useful, reliable, well-sourced and up-to-date information, as well as legal advice and support.
  • Strengthen and empower individuals and the community of residents.
  • Improve access to learning and activities for the targeted group: children, teenagers and adults.
  • Enhance residents sense of dignity.
  • Share learning and model with others who can become part of the solution.
  • Provide greatly improved housing and services at a fraction of the cost of keeping people in camps.
  • We aim to replicate and expand the project, and hope it will serve as a template for other groups who want to participate in alleviating the problem.


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