August 3, 2016

The Free Shop

The Free Shop

All residents will have access to adequate and appropriate food and non-food items (NFIs) through our Free Shop.

The Free Shop will operate as a normal shop with the exception that no money will change hands. Each member of the community will be allocated a card with a weekly credit sufficient to cover their needs, and a variety of products will be available to select from. The Free Shop will:

  • Ensure access to well-being
  • Prevent erosion of residents asset
  • Promote safety, dignity and choice
  • Prevent waste
  • Be cost effective
  • The Free Shop will be predominantly run by members of the refugee community who will be supported by FXI in terms of logistics and ensuring equitable and safe service.

The Free Shop plays an essential role in the focus on dignity and autonomy, as it avoids dehumanizing distribution practices and promotes self-determination and choice.


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